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India: 2013
FIRST STOP: Bangalore for a young man the foundation has supported through the first phase of his higher education. He will continue on for an additional 2 years for an advanced degree. We have known this fine young man for over 6 years and look forward to seeing him once again.

SECOND STOP: Chennai to begin supporting an English Medium school, Zamar Academy, which offers a free education taught in English to children from below poverty level. In India an English school  is private, reserved for the upper and middle classes. English is the difference between poverty and sparing an entire family from a day-labor existence for generations to come.  

Martin & Karen: Exploration trip to see if the door was still open for LCF to serve in India. 
  • Visited tribal villages, daycare centers, after school centers, lab tech college, Zamar Academy (a free English Medium School for impoverished children) and Michael's Children's Home
  • Distributed designated gift for day care

  • Exploring ideas to come along side Zamar Academy 
India: 2011
India: 2015
PRINCE & ANNIE WEDDING: What a privilege to attend the wedding of our Prince and our new member of the family, Annie. Both are completing their degrees at SAICS 

  • ​Furniture for Phase One 
  • Computers for the Computer Lab

“We are writing this mail to you to express the immense joy we feel because of the wonderful gift you have given us. You must see the joy, the excitement and the curiosity on the faces of our children; it just blows our mind away."

***We were unable to attend the "Dedication" of the new school (see photos in the "Gallery") due to the wedding.
PRINCE & ANNIE - INDIA: Having earned both Master of Theology and Master of Divinity degrees at SAICS, Prince is currently working part time for a local church and has been asked to teach at SAICS, the premier theological school in Asia. This is an honor well deserved. We could not be more proud of Prince. LCF is also supporting Annie, Prince’s wife, who is in the final year of her Master of Divinity education. God will do great things in India through Prince and Annie. There will be an addition to the Prince family in the Spring!
In India, schools taught in "English" are private, costly, and reserved for the middle and upper classes. Armed with such an education, a child of day laborers will change the family’s future for generations to come. At Zamar Academy this ceremony marks the beginning of a child’s education, an occasion to be celebrated.
  • Reverse osmosis purification system to assure clean drinking water for the children
  • Tour of completed Phase One school facility - computer lab 


Michelle is a family physician and Adam an electrical engineer. They have two children, Cole and Leah. Michelle and Adam share the same passion for meaningful service that changes lives within the local community.

Michelle is facilitating a new Family Medicine Residency training program for the Soddo Hospital, while Adam makes sure the complex IT required for a hospital runs smoothly.

12 years of amazing, life-changing trips to India
and more to come
Ethiopia - Soddo Hospital
India: 2006
Karen Speaking at Women's Conferences 
  • Speaking/Encouraging Women 
  • Visiting Orphanages, Childcare Centers, & Vocational Training Centers for Abandoned Women
  • Sewing Machines - 12 purchased 

Martin 1st Trip To India
  • Visiting Orphanages, Daycare Centers, Vocational Training Centers, Housing for Tsunami Victims, 
  • Leper Colony 
  • Distributed Money, Toys for Children, Lamps, Bikes, and Food  

Karen Teaching English and Coping Skills at Community College 
  • Distributed Educational Materials 

India: 2007
Martin 2nd Trip To India
  • Return to leper colony with Karen - distribute food
  • Distributed Money, Toys for Children, Worked with Students

Karen Teaching English and Coping Skills at Community College 
  • Distributed Educational Materials 

India: 2008 - 2010
India: 2014
India: 2020
Regina & Karen